‘Good Kind of Crazy’ by Brighton, MA

As I attempt to get on a more regular schedule with blogging, I decided that I’m going to start sharing some of my favorite tunes both new and old. Focusing on artists or songs that might be a bit more under the radar, but warrant to be so much more. For the older ones, it’s also a prompt for me to revisit some of my standbys and get them back into circulation.

Up first…

Song: Good Kind of Crazy
Band: Brighton, MA
Released: 2007
Album: Self-Titled

I first heard this song when Chicago’s own Brighton, MA opened for Elvis Perkins in Dearland (another gem) in late 2007 at the Lakeshore Theater. I’d previously known a couple members of the band from Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, but this was the first time I’d heard this new project. They played a few songs that night (including ‘Graceland 02’ which is another favorite), but something about ‘Good Kind of Crazy’ was just right. Not only did the words speak to me, but that drum…. that drum is mesmerizing. Starting with small brushes and then into a solo set with such passion — around 3:20 in the video (4:03 in the recorded song) the beats explode and pull you in from every angle. The lyrics drew me in and the drums hooked me.

You’re a good kind of crazy
A good kind of tame
Good kind of lazy
Good kind of pain
Good kind of maybe
Good kind of vain
Good kind of baby
Good kind of change

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