Nathaniel Rateliff (+ his epic sound)

Disclaimer: Everyone has those “I was a fan before…” stories. This is one of mine.

From 2009-2012, I worked as the Digital Communications Manager at Universal Music Australia. Like clockwork, on Fridays I would rummage the CD cabinet next to my desk. Based on what I found, I’d have my weekend playlist. Sometimes I’d discover winners, sometimes I’d politely return the CDs to the cabinet on the following Monday.

One Friday back in 2011, I found “In Memory of Loss” – an album from Nathaniel Rateliff, a lesser-known singer-songwriter from Missouri/based in Colorado. Just after slipping the CD into my laptop, I fell in love. His tune ‘Shroud’ quickly became one of my favorites and remains a favorite to this day (bonus: the video was shot in the city that has my heart). While his album resonated with me, it didn’t get the credit that I would have loved to have seen.

Since being turned on to him, I’ve been following Nathaniel’s career + waiting for that one day when I catch a passer by talking about this awesome artist. Well, it appears that day has finally come. After the performance of his new tune ‘S.O.B.’ on Jimmy Fallon this week, the internet is buzzing about NR. ‘S.O.B.’ + the other tunes that I’ve heard from his new album (due out on August 21st) are total winners – a perfect mix of soul, country, gospel, and rock.

I’m predicting a pretty amazing + epic 2015 for Nathaniel (+ The Night Sweats). Pumped to finally see him get that mainstream recognition.