WordPress: 25% of the web + counting!

When I started at Automattic in February 2012, 16% of the internet was powered by WordPress. Fast forward to this week, according to W3Techs most recent report — WordPress now has a whopping 25% market share! To put it simply, 1 out of every 4 websites have chosen WordPress to power/manage their site (based on data collected from the top 10 million websites). Yep, WordPress isn’t just blogs — it’s a quarter of the web + the world’s biggest content management system by “heaps” (as the Aussies would say)!

Matt recently wrote about this accomplishment on his blog. If you are interested in learning more, I recommend the read. It goes into a bit more detail on the growth + the opportunities that lie ahead.

Sending out huge congrats to everyone that contributed to this milestone — the thousands of people with the same goal of making the web a better place!

Information Overdose

Watching the opening of last week’s Broad City was basically a playback of my living room on most nights – a scene all too familiar. You know it… where 5 minutes on the web turns into 5 hours, 10 tabs open, a couple emails sent, a few sneak peeks at Facebook, several Wikipedia searches – and let’s be honest, a decent amount of work is also thrown in there.

Enjoy this funny (+ scary) view into modern day life.