A bit about me…

Dwelling in Australia (Adelaide via Sydney) via the U.S. motherland (a la The Windy City + a handful of other spots). I also spend a lot of time traveling.

Loving music, tech, interior design (especially industrial + vintage), DIY, Americana, weekend markets, road trips, making + drinking cocktails, good wine, Mexican food + other awesome people/things.

Working previously at Google, Universal Music, and Automattic.


This blog is my attempt to share things. Nothing specific, no curated theme – just a mismatch of topics, happenings, and thoughts are what you’ll find here. Snapshots of my life.

Thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks B! Nothing revolutionary or super scheduled – just writing when I feel the urge to write/have something to say. And…likewise -aka- ditto on the “I’ve always enjoyed your writing”. 😉


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