Australian Bushfires

Photo Credit: Eden Hills Country Fire Service

Australia is hurting. For weeks now, bushfires have been ripping through this vast country destroying wildlife and wiping out towns. With scorching summer heat and little rain, the fires continue to burn across the nation. It’s now come to communities taking refuge on packed beaches and in the ocean for safety. To date, at least two dozen people have lost their lives and over 13 million acres have been destroyed (for context, that’s equivalent to wiping out nearly 40% of the state of Illinois).

My beautiful adopted state of South Australia is no stranger to the fires. While the region has been lucky to have gotten a little break from the heat and a bit of rain this weekend, the fires continue on.

The natural treasure that is Kangaroo Island will never be the same. Fires ravaged through destroying homes, the Flinders Chase National Park, the iconic Southern Ocean Lodge, and a massive amount of wildlife — including 50% of the island’s koala population, 25,000 are feared dead.

Just 20 miles from our house, over 85 homes in the Adelaide Hills have been left uninhabitable and 1/3 of the vineyards are gone.

This country may be small in population, but it’s got a huge heart. From heroic firefighters and emergency service workers to an outpouring of community goodwill, this nation is resilient and will rebuild, but it will take care, time, and help. For those looking for ways to financially contribute, there are hundreds of worthy organizations and communities needing assistance. A couple standouts:

The CFS Foundation, supporting volunteer firefighters.

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, helping to save local wildlife.

Thanks for reading + for any goodness (including thoughts) that you are able to send Australia and its peoples way.❤️

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