Thank you Gordo McQueen.

I fly quite a bit — so much that I’ve been either Premiere 1K or Platinum on United for the past several years. Despite my hundreds of flights and dozens of upgrades, it was not until last week that I had my most epic customer experience with the airline (and yes, I was in coach). Enter Captain Gordo McQueen of UA685.

Dear Captain McQueen,

Thx for kicking off our morning with your audience address. You taking the mic to say hello + inform those at Gate 66 what we could expect from today’s flight was a new one for me (and I’m sure the majority of flyers). Your mentions of the beautiful trip up the coast and the array of sights that we’d see made the short flight sound almost delightful.

As I looked around the gate while you spoke, I saw a mix of amazed shock + large smiles from those listening. Then when you finished, those people looked to their neighbors and flashed another smile. The few minutes you spent with those waiting to board your flight set a friendly tone + went above and beyond what people expect from today’s airlines.

By the end of this flight you’d already won me over, then this note came delivered to my seat…

Thank you Gordo McQueen.

Sincerely, Rebecca Collins

3 thoughts on “Thank you Gordo McQueen.

  1. I have never in my life emailed a captain before. I sent a note to him, which I’d like to share to show he really left a positive, lasting impression:

    Hi Captain Gordo,

    Just sending a quick note to thank you for the personable service on my 10:40 am SFO > YVR flight on Sept. 14. The commentary about the landscape/mountains during the flight; the note to me on your business card; and saying hello to the crowd at the gate before boarding were all nice touches.

    I’ve been a United customer and Premier member for many years, but haven’t seen this kind of interaction on a flight before — or at least not in a long time.

    So, thank you!

    Cheri Lucas Rowlands

    I mean, with a name like that, you almost have to be some kind of superstar pilot.

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  2. Just wanted to let you know Captain McQueen is still at it…

    November 2018, on a flight from BNA to SFO, I saw a captain come out to the gate, grab the mic, and give the pre-flight spiel in person. It was a little something extra indeed and a nice touch.

    Once we touched down in SFO, I saw that same business card on the ground…the person in seat 1A had dropped theirs, I supposed…. I picked it up and Googled him….and here we are! 🙂

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