A Tale of Airline (Dis)comfort

Dear woman in 96D,

Welcome to the airline! I hope you are having a relaxing trans-continent flight. What a score that you have two spare seats to the right of you! I wish I was so lucky (actually I do have a free seat next to me – although as you know, it’s been slightly compromised… ). I’m sure your legs are getting a nice rest propped up down the row. Also, I hope that full recline of your seat (in front of mine) as well as the seat next to you (in front of the seat which I was originally hoping to move to when you reclined on to my sleeping head) is somehow an added bonus giving you divine comfort while sprawling out (since you aren’t leaning up against the back of either of them). Well… enjoy your nap, I must get back to watching my TV shows just eight inches from my face – though not before taking a quick bathroom break (however, I’m not entirely sure my womanly hips will squeeze through the small opening between my arm rest and your reclined seat and I’d hate to disturb you).

See you soon (at our destination in 12 hours)!



As an avid traveler flying around 150,000 miles per year, I know the pros and cons of flying. The pros are the moments when I get to the airport and the service representative so kindly tells me that I’ve been upgraded to business class on a fourteen hour flight (which “yes” makes up for moments like this – and please be rest assured that I don’t take that earned perk for granted). The cons, the people that feel the need to get so super relaxed on a small cramped jet plane that they are willing to disrupt the comfort of others through relaxation overkill. As I sit here typing my blog post offline – I’m enduring one of those moments right now.

I (like many avid travelers I know) stand true to the philosophy of making long (+ short) flights work through the tools of neck pillows, window leans, forward tray table rests, etc… and 99.9% of the time – I do not fully recline in economy (it’s rare that I recline at all).

While I try not to hate on people for just following the lead of what the airlines have provided them, it’s still frustrating when someone so eagerly invades my (or anyone else’s) precious space. Sure (most) people have the right to recline, though that poor person wedged in the last row next to the toilets is shit out of luck (literally). While I’ll totally forgive those needing a little comfort recline, if you can’t tell – I find space hogs (like the woman in seat 96D) really irritating.

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